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Understanding Dementia and Dementia Friendly Communities – Webinar Series

In this webinar series, Ilsa Bird will be providing an introduction to understanding dementia as well as the principles behind dementia-friendly communities and the local Northern Beaches project.

This webinar series includes three parts:

Part one – Introduction to understanding dementia

Part two – About dementia-friendly communities

Part three – Information and resources for staff and providers

Part One

In Part One, we will be looking at what is dementia, the different types of dementia, some of the common signs and symptoms associated with dementia, the difference between natural ageing and dementia, how dementia progresses over time, whether or not dementia can be prevented, ways to minimise dementia risk, the prevalence and incidence in Australia, NSW and our Northern Sydney Region as well as the costs associated with dementia.


Download the Part One presentation slides here: Understanding Dementia – Part One

Part Two

Part Two of the webinar series will include an overview of the national dementia friendly communities initiative, the local Northern Beaches project activities and provide an opportunity for you to become a Dementia Friend.


Download the Part Two presentation slides here: Understanding Dementia – Part Two

For more information or to watch the video about the Intergenerational Music Program, click here.

If you would like to sign up to become a Dementia Friend, click here.

Part Three

The final part of our webinar series will be all about how staff and organisation can be more dementia-aware. We will look at the principles of person-centred care, communication tips for staff, professional development opportunities and important contacts for providers.


To download a copy of the Dementia Australia Dementia Language Guidelines, click here.

Download the Part Three presentation slides here: Understanding Dementia – Part Three


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