Let’s Make the Northern Beaches Dementia-Friendly

Every life has meaning, purpose and value

  • Promoting greater awareness

    Research reveals that community knowledge and awareness of dementia is low and that survey respondents find it “awkward” or “confronting” when communicating with people living with dementia. The NBDFC Project aims to shed light on some of the misconceptions about dementia and to educate and empower individuals, communities and organisations to increase awareness and reduce the stigma associated.

  • Creating safe and supportive communities

    By encouraging local businesses and community services such as supermarkets, banks and transport to become Dementia-Friendly, we can improve accessibility in these spaces for people living with dementia and their families as well as the broader elderly population. Businesses will provide services that are supportive; with staff that understand the needs of people living with dementia and communicate accordingly.

  • Fostering inclusivity and social participation

    The NBDFC Project looks at ways to minimise social isolation for people living with dementia and their families which is detrimental to one’s personal and emotional wellbeing. People living with dementia report embarrassment associated with their diagnosis which causes them to withdraw socially. We aim to increase social participation through a range of activities and initiatives to foster inclusively.

  • Improved quality of life for individuals

    The prevalence and incidence of dementia in Australia and the Northern Beaches is increasing with 70% of people with dementia currently living in the community. It is imperative we act now to increase awareness, foster inclusivity and create safe and supportive communities so that these individuals and their families can have improved quality of life and remain in the community.

Changing LIVES

This was an immensely enriching experience for the students. The interactions between students and residents was heart-warming and there was much joy on both sides.

Jen, Avalon School Choir Director

Thank you for helping to bring greater awareness to dementia.

Michael, Dementia Advisory Group Member

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