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The key role of Boards when managing change

Written by Lauranne Beernaert, Sector Support Coordinator

Just before the end of the year break, a dozen CEOs from Aged Care organisations met at Your Side’s office for a morning of sharing and learning about managing change in the context of the reforms. Facilitated by Leisa Hart, former CEO of a disability organisation and prior to that, CEO of a youth and community organisation,  the group discussed some of the challenges in the Sector, including shifting goalposts, the workforce challenges, and funding problem, to name just a few. The participants were asked to reflect on the scale of all those regulatory and policy changes, their impact on their organisation, and more importantly, how to anticipate and respond to these changes.

What will 2023 look like? Is your Board fit for purpose? What can be controlled? Leisa’s thought leadership was an inspirational and thought provoking journey through the future of in home aged care. Her experience with leading organisations through periods of government reform and sector-wide transformation, helped our in home aged care CEOs refine their plan of action for the reform journey ahead.

Key areas for consideration and tips:

Invest In your Board – an important stakeholder

  • Board members need to be across their roles.
  • Design an onboarding program for new Board members – can include an exposure to the client’s voice and other teams to have context about operations.
  • Paid or Unpaid role, organisation to decide what works best for them.
  • Non financial incentives: AICD, formal certifications and trainings.
  • Consider having own Code of Conduct and if needed, review interview processes.
  • Visible leadership.


Chair and CEO to work closely – the custodians of the organisation 

  • Chair and CEO need to have an established way of working with each other – this ensures the Board operates in a proactive way, as opposed to reactively.
  • Role of CEO is to help the Chair manage the organisation’s risk.
  • Suggested support: develop a contract between the CEO and Chair, which can involve a third party to support this conversation.
  • Work together on an Agenda and select a top 3 of items. What does the Board need to know?


Invest In Innovation and Care models 

  • There is a risk that Boards do not have those conversations because all their energy is focused on funding. However it is critical that they also focus on the future and strategy.
  • Organisations are in survival mode – challenge is, how do Boards make mental space for this important component?
  • Can relate to improving systems (rostering, duplication, better customer experience, relieve staff frustrations of inefficient processes).