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  • Fostering collaboration

    Your Side’s Sector Support promotes collaboration with a range of CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) Aged Care providers and other community care agencies across the Northern Sydney region for positive outcomes.

  • Tailored training and development

    We provide a number of free in-house professional development workshops to build capacity for individual staff and support workers and to keep your staff and organisation as a whole abreast of the latest changes in the aged care sector.

  • Special access to resources and workshops

    By subscribing to our monthly e-Bulletin and keeping in touch with our Sector Support Coordinators, you’ll get special access to informative resources and workshops designed to support you in your professional aged care role.

  • We’re here to support you

    At Your Side’s Sector Support, we’re committed to improving the professional development of staff and organisations, fostering collaboration and coordinating bi-yearly forums to lift the aged care industry as a whole and thrive in the changing landscape. Contact our Home Support and Partnerships Coordinator today to learn more.

Changing LIVES

One of the best workshops I have attended - engaging, very informative, relatable information and great resources.


Thrive in the changing sector landscape

  • One

    Contact us today at sectorsupport@yourside.org.au or call 1300 134 332 to speak with our Sector Support Coordinators who can provide you with more information.

  • Two

    Join the Sector eBulletin mailing list to keep up to date with the latest changes in aged care, research and to be notified of upcoming events and workshops.

  • Three

    Participate in a number of community workshops and events to further your professional development and networking.

Our Promise to You

We’re committed to helping you thrive in the changing aged care sector landscape.

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