Feel Good

A clean surrounding is a key to healthy living. Living in a home that is hygienic can assist in preventing diseases and make a person feel more comfortable and confident in their own home. In particular, sanitation is established in our laundry routine. Residents in aged care facilities rely on healthcare providers to maintain a clean, safe environment to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Let Us Help

At Your Side, we’ll take care of your washing in-home or send it out for laundry service returned to you fresh and clean. We can also make beds and assist with folding sheets and other linen.

Our entirely integrated Laundry Program is reliable and well organised that can be tailored to meet your preferences and needs. Our range of services include:

  • Professional Labelling of resident garments to reduce the impact of lost property.
  • Stocktake of linen and the maintenance of an impress.
  • Wash distribution record maintenance.
  • Collection and delivery of resident washed garments in accordance with their choice.
  • Management of infectious linen is coordinated through strict processes. Laundry staff segregate ‘dirty’ and ‘clean′ areas.
  • Ironing facilities.
  • Maintenance of resident delicates and woollens.

Let’s get started

To get started or if you have any further questions about Your Side’s Household Tasks and Cleaning services, give us a call on 1300 134 332, and one of our friendly Customer Care team members will be happy to assist you.