Gardening& Handyman Jobs

When we are physically limited in our abilities, home maintenance can be a stressful thought.

However, with a little help with aspects such as gardening, cleaning, home maintenance and minor repairs, older people or those with a disability and their carers can feel assured to continue living in their own homes safely, knowing they have the right kind of help.

At Your Side, we’ll help you with gardening and minor maintenance jobs around the house such as lawn mowing, trimming shrubs, changing light bulbs, fitting alarms, replacing loose or broken pavers and more. We can supply you highly qualified professionals who can provide the necessary skills to maintain your home.

Keeping your garden looking fresh

We can help keep your garden looking neat and tidy with services including

  • lawn mowing
  • Shaping bushes
  • Pruning trees
  • Eliminating pests
  • Garden rubbish is tidied up
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Cleaning windows
  • And more

Domestic repairs

Our home care services may also be able to help you with minor home repairs, such as:

  • Repairing walls and ceilings
  • Re-grouting tiles in bathroom and kitchens
  • Repairing fences and gates so they can be safely used.
  • Fixing taps
  • Fixing electrical wiring
  • And more

Anything that is seen as hazardous to your health, we will help maintain and fix. Any repairs that are required to be fixed will be conducted by professional and qualified home maintenance providers.