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Royal Commission January 2020 Update

Written by Ilsa Bird, Sector Support Coordinator

The Royal Commission Interim report was released late last year and outlined the shortfalls of the current aged care system. For more information about the Interim Report, have a look at our feature articles from November and December 2019.

This year the Royal Commission have released two publications prepared by Flinders University.

Research Paper 2 – Review of International Systems of Long-term Care of Older People

As the proportion of older people in the population grows, many nations will have an increased need for long-term care (LTC). Projections of the likely future prevalence of dementia indicate that countries also need to be prepared to provide supportive services for a large number of people living with dementia. It will be an increasing challenge for governments to finance and regulate LTC to provide accessible and high-quality services. Meeting this challenge is important to the quality of life of older people as this is significantly affected by the way in which LTC is provided. This review examines international approaches to the provision of LTC to provide learnings for the aged care system in Australia.

Access Research Paper 2 here.

Research Paper 3 – Review of Innovative Models of Aged Care

This review identifies key innovative models (emerging nationally as well as internationally), including those specific to people living with dementia, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex (LGBTI) people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people, people living in rural and remote areas, and young people with disability living in residential aged care. This report presents the findings from this review and summarises key innovative approaches separately for residential care, home/community care, the diverse populations mentioned above, and the use of technology.

Access Research Paper 3 here.


The first Hearing for 2020 will take place on 21 February 2020 in Adelaide. The Hearing is titled the Future of Aged Care Workforce and will inquire into staffing numbers and mix, terms and conditions of employment, workforce planning and the role of the Commonwealth, education and training of the workforce and registration of personal care workers.

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