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Radio Northern Beaches Interview

Listen to Ilsa Bird, the NBDFC Project Manager outline the 2019 project goals with Ian Nicholas, program host on Radio Northern Beaches. This interview was recorded in August 2018 during Ian’s regular Wednesday program titled ‘The Stir’. His program discusses local issues impacting the Northern Beaches and therefore Ilsa was featured to talk about the NBDFC Project. There are over 6000 people living with dementia in the Northern Beaches, which will increase by 151% by 2058.

During the interview, Ilsa describes her initial work in collaboration with the Northern Beaches Council to create a Dementia Friendly Community in the Northern Beaches. She expresses the significance of a society that is dementia-aware and a community that is enabling and not inhibiting for people living with dementia. This includes physical spaces that are safe, individuals who are educated as well as business and services that are accessible.

Ilsa and Ian discuss the project background and processes which includes partnerships between Your Side, local Council, aged care providers, community organisations, advocacy groups and community members. Ilsa illustrates the importance of communities working together to address the growing prevalence and incidence of dementia in the Northern Beaches.

Ilsa communicates the project activities for 2019 including facilitation of intergenerational education in primary schools, dementia friendly education workshops for businesses and local organisations as well as music therapy for people living with dementia. Ilsa and Ian examine the necessity of dementia-friendly organisations and how businesses can engage with this project, so they may provide services that support people living with dementia in the local community.

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