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New In-Home Aged Care program: where are we?

Written by Lauranne Beernaert, Sector Support Coordinator

A couple of weeks ago the Department of Health and Aged Care released their Consultation Paper ‘A New program for In-Home Aged Care’ which discusses five key areas of focus for the design of a new In-Home Aged Care program. This paper builds on previous consultations held with the Sector, including discussions about assessment of needs, scheme of goods, equipment and assistive technology, care management and service list.

While this new indicative model may look like it is taking a step away from the proposed Support at Home program, it is important to recognise all the work that has been done by service providers up till now. This includes raising awareness and planning for the change process that all organisations needed to start, as the reforms will impact multiple levels in each organisation. It includes all the communication with Boards, staff, clients and their families about anticipated changes in the way the Aged Care system is accessed, funded and regulated, and the time spent in attending various webinars to keep up to date with the reforms.

The five areas set out in this new consultation paper include:

  • Self- management of services by older Australians
  • Best model for Care Partners to provide clinical oversight and practical assistance
  • Funding of service providers
  • Flexibility to respond to changing needs
  • Innovation and future investment in Aged Care

A comparative table between the current CHSP/HCP system, Support at Home and what we know about the new In-Home Aged Care program can be viewed here.

Feedback about this Consultation Paper can be provided until the 25th of November 2022 via the Aged Care Engagement Hub.

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