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MAP Worker Update – Northern Sydney Region

Written by Tara Russell

We held a very productive information session with service providers who work with the CALD community in aged care. Thank you to everyone who participated. The session was designed to develop an understanding of the challenges and issues being faced by the sector and to begin to identify a starting point for a Work Plan for the MAP Worker Northern Sydney.  Please see below the issues identified; please send me a note if you would like to add to the items that we discussed:

  • My Aged Care
    • Language barrier/translation service/availability/ease of use
    • Not intuitive
    • Barrier for immigrant/refugee communities
  • RAS
    • Possibility for more networking – better understanding what each role does
    • Greater understanding/education about process and how to work together
  • General CALD understanding around Government subsidised services/entitlement
    • Not all cultures have an institutionalised approach to ageing
    • Therefore not an expectation to be able to access help/support

The group identified areas where a MAP Worker might be able to offer support:

  • Education – both client and service provider
  • Promotion/marketing of how to access a service
  • Relationship/partnership builder
  • Promote partnerships and collaboration amongst service providers
  • Help promote volunteerism within the sector
  • Encourage and support networking across the region
  • Information sharing

The Position Description has been developed and will go for open recruitment between mid-to the end of May.  I will send the notice out via this network.

Tara Russell
CHSP Sector Support and Development
Northern Sydney Region
Hornsby Shire Council
P: 9847 6061