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Interface Issues between CHSP services & HCP

Written by Rosanna Commisso – Home Support & Partnership Coordinator

Please read below for the rules and facts regarding the interaction between CHSP services and HCP.

Clients receiving food as a part of a Home Care Package (HCP), must contribute to the cost of the raw food of the prepared meal. HCP services should discuss with both the meal provider and the consumer the amount of contribution, as well as how and who it is paid to.

Takeaway food (food purchased from a restaurant or food outlet) must be paid for fully by the client.

A HCP client receiving CHSP meals is required to pay full cost recovery for the meals, either from their HCP budget, or if they have fully expended their HCP funds with personal funds.

CHSP services, including meals, provided at full cost should NOT be recorded in DEX.

Subsidised CHSP services CANNOT be provided to HCP customers unless on ‘full cost’ recovery basis, except in the following 4 situations, however their HCP budget MUST be fully allocated:
1. clients on a L1-2 HCP can access additional, short-term or episodic allied health & therapy services or nursing services if required to recover after a setback
2. clients on any level HCP can access additional CHSP planned respite services on a short-term basis if required by the carer
3. clients on any level HCP can access additional CHSP services in an emergency (such as when a carer is not able to maintain their caring role)
4. clients on interim L1-2 waiting for a L3-4 HCP can access additional home modifications

In these 4 situations, all the following rules apply:
• clients must be reassessed by ACAT
• CHSP services can be provided ONLY at entry-level of support
• CHSP services provided on short-term basis only – must be monitored & reviewed by ACAT
• clients expected to contribute to cost of services
• providers must prioritise those NOT on a HCP who need support

Additional Notes
If a service provider receives a referral to provide CHSP services above entry level, they can reject the referral in the My Age Care portal.

Individuals should NOT be receiving more than $7,900 per annum in CHSP subsidised services (less than a L1 package worth $8,000). If they require additional support, they should be referred for an ACAT assessment.

For more information, download the Fact Sheet here.