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Home Care Package Data Report 1st Quarter 2018-2019

Below is a summary of the HCP data for the 1st Quarter 2018-19 (1 July – 30 September 2018).

Eligibility and Assessment 

There were 26,745 Home Care approvals in the 1st quarter, which is reduction of 9% since last quarter. In NSW there were 8,967 approvals, the highest number of approvals were for level 2 packages.

Service Delivery 

At 30 June 2018, there were 91,847 people in a home care package. This represented an increase of 8.1% since 31 March 2018 and an annual increase of 28.6$ since 30 June 2017. In NSW there were 30,674 people receiving HCP which is a 9% increase from last quarter. In the Northern Sydney Region, there are 3,154 people receiving HCP.

In NSW there were a total of 4,609 new entries during the last quarter. During the last quarter, in the Northern Sydney Region there were a total of 392 new entries to Home Care, 106 level 1, 240 level 2, 38 level 3 and 8 level 4.

As of 30 September 2018, there were 896 approved Home Care providers which is an increase of 3.1% since last quarter and 17% since 30 September 2017. As of June 30, in the Northern Sydney Region there were 38 approved HCP providers.

National Prioritisation System

At 30 September 2018, there were 69,086 people who were awaiting their approved level package who had not yet been offered a lower level home care package.

In NSW there were 10,941 packages released during the last quarter, in the Northern Sydney Region there were 1,227 packages released.

Estimated wait times for approved packages

Level 1: 3-6 months

Level 2: 12 months +

Level 3: 12 months+

Level 4: 12 months+

Maximum Exit Amounts

The average published exit amount for approved providers as of September 30 was $232 which has decreased by 16.9% since September 2017. 42.1% of providers indicated that did not deduct an exit amount.

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