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February Catch Up Chat With Tara

In this Chat:

  • Organisation Overview Report
  • Waitlisting Clients
  • Speed Dating – Hornsby Kur-ring-gai Sub Regional Forum
  • Surveys
  • TIS
  • Cultural Awareness Training

Hi Everyone….

Welcome Back ! I hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday season and a very happy and festive New Year! I am very excited to be back and am very keen to update you on the Sector Support and Development Happenings for 2018. First, I thought that we might make a couple of New Year’s Resolutions (that we are going to stick too …)

1st Resolution: Every month I emphasise getting your Service Finder up to date … “SERVICE FINDER SERVICE FINDER SERVICE FINDER ……. Is what I usually write! You wouldn’t publish a brochure with nothing in it … so don’t leave your service description on the Service Finder BLANK! Your Service Finder is also where you MUST keep your availability status up to date.

2nd Resolution: DEX DEX DEX …It is a goal of mine and hopefully a goal of yours to improve the accuracy and usefulness of DEX reporting. On February 14th (Yes Valentine’s Day!) I would like to invite you to come along to the Dougherty Centre in Chatswood to an information sharing session about DEX accuracy and Reporting.  I am happy to develop the session around your needs …. So email me your concerns/questions in advance and I will be able to address them.

3rd Resolution: Attend your local sub regional Interagency Forum: The Sub Regional Inter agency Forums are the most appropriate place for networking and professional development opportunities within the aged care and disability sector.  The sector has experienced a year of change (several really!) and these changes continue to be tweeked/updated/revised and rolled out. The Sector is facing a time where organisations will begin to capacity build towards sustainability and that will bring more change. These established forums are where you can find out the latest information, ask questions, learn about complimentary services and hear speakers from inside and outside the Sector.  So get out there and engage!

Ryde Hunters Hill Community Care Forum, Hunters Hill Town Hall, Hunters Hill.

9.30am Thursday 8th February, 2018 DEX Back to Basics

Northern Beaches Forum, Warringah Rugby Park, North Narrabeen Reserve

9.30am Wednesday 14th February 2018

Lower Northshore Forum, Dougherty Centre, CHATSWOOD  NSW  2067

2.00pm Wednesday 14th February, 2018 DEX Back to Basics

Hornsby Kur-ring-gai Forum, Pennant Hills Leisure and Learning Centre, 8 Warne Street, Pennant Hills

1.30pm Thursday 1st March 2018 Speed Dating: RAS-Service Provider Networking

Organisation Overview Report – DEX 

The CHSP Organisation Overview Report in the Data Exchange provides organisations with a new and interactive tool (Qlik) to view and analyse their own data. The CHSP Organisation Overview suite of Reports was released in October – Brand New! They are a great tool for you to use to analyse your business by cost, population served, demographics, location, hours – there are many many options. They are an interactive suite of Reports and are very intuitive to use.

For instructions about how to access and use the reports see this link: Organisation Overview Guidelines
A user’s access to their CHSP Organisation Overview Report will mirror their access to the Data Exchange.


Come to the DEX Session on 8th February Ryde Hunters Hill or 14th Feb, Dougherty Centre (see above or contact me for details )

Waitlisting Clients

Every CHSP Service Provider organisation should have a policy that is practised around waitlisting clients.  Waitlisting clients should only be considered, if service delivery is imminent. RAS assess clients for their immediate needs, referrals are generated based upon those requirements – waitlisting defeats this process. Waitlisting also holds a referral so that no other action can be taken for that client on that service. Waitlisting client for long periods of time does not provide the best possible outcome for that client.  If you cannot guarantee imminent service delivery, then you should not waitlist, you should revoke the referral so that the Assessing Officer can reallocate the referral to a service that can deliver the service.

The Department does not encourage wait-listing for CHSP services by CHSP service providers. A  client’s needs are assessed at a particular point in time and should be met then, and can be subjected to change if left for a later time (which would then require re-assessment).

Service providers who do not have the capacity to accept referrals must therefore indicate so on My Aged Care and not accept further referrals.

Doing this enables RAS to direct potential clients to services that have the capacity to deliver DA. However, it is ultimately up to the client to choose a provider they wish to receive CHSP services from, as for any CHSP service.

If you need help to understand how to change your status in the Service Finder outlet information, please email me or call me 98476061, I am happy to sit down with you and work through how to make your Service Finder work for you!


Speed Dating arrives at the Hornsby Kur-ring-gai Sub Regional Interagency

The Hornby Kur-ring-gai Sub Regional Interagency Forum will host the next Speed Dating event to promote networking and communication between Service Providers and RAS.

DATE: 1st March 2018

TIME: 1.30pm – 3.30pm

LOCATION: Pennant Hills Leisure & Learning Centre (note new location)
8 Warne Street, Pennant Hills

If you intend to attend the Speed Dating Event, you must RSVP to so that we can develop a Service Profile sheet for your Service. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:


Hornsby Kur-ring-gai Sub Reginal Interagency Forum – Survey

The Hornsby Kur-ring-gai Sub Regional Interagency Forum has recently sent a Survey to all of its attendees to gather information about how the Forum is meeting the needs of it attendees and how it can better serve the community going forward. Please fill in the survey at the link below:

Hornsby Kur-ring-gai Forum Survey

Tell me what you think!            

I know it is a Survey time of year and I know that you are probably sick of telling people what you think … but this would really mean a lot to me!

As you all know, I am fairly new to the role of Sector Support and Development and I am also new to the Aged Care Sector.  I really need to know whether my work has helped your organisation or whether there is something more or different that you could see as being helpful. I sent the survey out via email in early January and thank you to everyone who participated, but I know more of you have opinions! Don’t worry, it is anonymous unless you want to add you details.  Your feedback will better direct SSD effort as well as potentially sustain funding.

Sector Support and Development Survey

Translation Service (TIS) – Are your CALD clients having trouble contacting you?
I am publishing this information to emphasise how important it is to be available for our Clients.

Did you know that not only can you use TIS to speak to non-English speaking clients, but your clients can contact you using TIS !

TIS is the translating service available to CHSP Service Providers to help communicate with non-English speaking CHSP clients. TIS National provides the following services:

  • Immediate phone interpreting – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • ATSI Voice automated immediate phone interpreting
  • Pre-booked phone interpreting
  • On-site interpreting

In order to use TIS, you must register for a Client Code.  To Register  Click Here  When registering, ensure that the first four fields are completed as follows:

  • Category: Commonwealth Government Agency
  • Sub Category: Other Commonwealth Government Agency
  • Name of Agency: XXXX (insert individual organisation name in this field)
  • Section Name: DSS Funded CHSP

You will receive an automated email advising you of your code. CHSP providers should not use this code until they receive a welcome email from TIS National confirming the client code: you may be charged directly for the services. This welcome email may take up to 2 days therefore it is strongly recommended that you apply for your TIS client code prior to actually needing it!

CHSP providers can access immediate phone interpreting services by calling 131 450.

For more detailed instructions for how to maximize your communication with non-English speaking clients check out this link: CHSP Service provider’s instructions for using TIS

To find out more about TIS services check out the TIS website here

Once you get your Client Code remember to update your marketing information (including your website and the MAC Service Finder)

The CALD community is currently underserved leaving  that sector of the community often  isolated and uninformed.  One way to begin to bridge this gap is to enable your Service to be able to seamlessly communicate with potential clients and clients who do not speak English as their first language. Remember, you can always call me for help! 9847 6061

Cultural Awareness Training – MARCH 21ST 2018- Brookvale

If you are a Service Provider who is delivering services and programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or if you are a Service Provider who would like to develop their business to be able to deliver such programs and services DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Cultural Awareness Training aims to provide non-indigenous workers, who are developing and delivering services and programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities with the following outcomes:

  • Awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and identity;
  • Knowledge of legislation, policy and work practises that impact on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities;
  • Knowledge of effective features of service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;
  • Ability to determine culturally appropriate strategies for partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;
  • Ability to determine culturally appropriate activities and strategies for supporting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander learners in vocational education and training.


DATE: Wednesday 21st March 2018

LOCATION: TAFE NSW Northern Beaches: Aboriginal Learning Centre Brookvale

154 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale

WHO: Non-Indigenous Service Providers or Assessment Professionals (RAS)

COST: The Course will be free for the first two registrations from any organisation, the third and subsequent registrations will cost $35.00 per person –call me to discuss

DURATION: Full Day beginning at 9am – lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Contact me with any questions or to register for this valuable training: email

The course being offered is a TAFE course therefore you will need a USI Number. If you do not have a USI number you should get one by following this link: Get a USI Here

Please remember that I am a resource for you and your organisation.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues that you are experiencing –

Remember you can ask My Aged Care technical or process questions on the Service Provider and Assessor help line 1800 836 799.  I urge you to send a quick email to our State CHSP office if you have an issue that you are unable to resolve.  For fact sheets and information go to or for more specific My Aged Care updates go to

Have fun and enjoy!

 Catch-up Chat written by Tara Russell

CHSP Sector Support and Development

Northern Sydney Region

Hornsby Shire Council


P: 9847 6061