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CHSP Update

On 22 May at our Regional Forum, the Department of Health delivered an update to home and community care providers. Below is a summary of their update and copies of the resources they provided.

CHSP Information Update

This update provides information for CHSP providers regarding:

  • The CHSP funding extension from 2020-2022
  • CHSP growth funding which includes $100 million over two years
  • Home modifications funding which includes $15 million for existing service providers
  • Innovation funding proposal assessment
  • Wellness and reablement reporting including the outcomes from 2018 reporting
  • Procedures and rules for HCP clients accessing CHSP
  • Registration of all clients on My Aged Care
  • CHSP and the new Charter of Aged Care Rights

Download the update here

Wellness and Reablement Case Studies

This document provides examples of best practice case studies in Wellness and Reablement strategies for a range of services including:

  • Allied Health and Therapy Services
  • Social Support
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Allied Health
  • Meals, Transport and Social Support

Download the Case Studies here

Trials of the Aged Care System Navigator Measure

This fact sheet outlines information about the Aged Care System Navigator Measure and how the trial program will be implemented. The fact sheet includes:

  • A list of 32 information hubs, 21 community hubs and 9 specialist support worker trials and the role of each of these in the trial
  • Aged care financial information service officers trials and the areas in which this is being trialled
  • The procedure for evaluation of the Aged Care System Navigator Measure which will be undertaken by Australian Healthcare Associates

Download the fact sheet here

Department of Social Services – CHSP Update

In addition to this information, Department of Social Services (DSS) Community Grants Hub have also provided an update regarding payment indexation.

The DSS Community Grants Hub have advised CHSP providers that the indexation amount for 2018-19 funding will be paid in one payment from May 2019. This indexation payment forms part of your funding from the date paid and so it must be included in any Financial Accountability Reporting for your organisation for the 2018-19 financial year. In addition, any unspent funds must be repaid.

For more information, CHSP service providers are advised to contact their Community Grants Hub Funding Arrangement Manager.